18 September 2008

Throw Your Heart Right In.

Kicking off is the hardest part
Nothings certain at the start
Letting go, so something can begin

Figure out how to get our life
Leave tomorrow, live tonight
Gotta throw, throw your heart right in

Cause we all fall down

Everybody knows the end
When the curtain hits the floor
And everybody knows the end
Don't wanna get there wishing that you given more
It's not over, till it's over
So how do we begin
When everybody knows the end


I need to live with nothing to fix
Don't tell me whats gonna happen next
I'm alright, I like the way this feels
Leave behind all the things I miss
Next stop isn't where you think it is
Cause tonight, I'm riding off the rails

Cause we all fall down

...I just can't get enough of this song.
6. Go skinny dipping.
7. Horseback riding on the beach at sunset.
8. Learn to play guitar.
9. Have one night out; no strings attached.
10. Sing on stage, by myself, in front of an audience.

*I'm doing good with this whole list thing. haha

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Blogger Tori Marie said...

as your friend, i am not judging

but skinny dipping alone?
or with tom fletcher

ok this is getting awkward

moving on i still havent digested this song, i only listened to it once, i apologize haha

but when my bundle comes, i will, i promise
then i will be sappy too

oh man, iloveee you tom fletcha!!!

September 18, 2008 at 5:53 PM  

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