04 July 2008

First Day

Dzien' Dobry! (That means hey y'all in Polish...)
We made it safe and sound to Krakow (or Cracow as they spell it here) after three long and very grueling plane trips. The Chicago airport is absolutely awful and don't even get me started on the 2 propeller plane that we had to take (there was no air conditioning) from Warsaw to Krakow. I think it's probably a good thing that the breakfast they gave us on the plane was inedible, cause otherwise I might have had to use that lovely white bag they provided. It's 5:43 p.m. here and I am so ready to go to bed, but they told us to wait until around 9 o'clock so that we could "reset our internal clocks".
The drive into Krakow from the airport was amazing; it sort of reminded me of driving around the Tuscan countryside. We also caught a glimpse of Wawel Castle, which we'll get to see tomorrow when we get up bright and early for a 9:12 (yes, 9:12; crazy Polish people, what's wrong with 9:15????) tour of the city. So, all in all, it has been a good first few hours. I'm a little stressed at my lack of knowledge of the Polish language, but I'm working on it.
On a closing note, y'all know I can't go anywhere without embarrassing myself, so here goes:
My roommate and I went to the grocery store next to our dorm to buy some food (they food they serve in the cafeteria is pretty gross, so I imagine I'll be losing some weight), and we walked around and picked up a few heavy bottles of water. We decided that a shopping cart would probably be a good idea, but we could not figure out where everyone was getting them from. We finally found them hidden in a dispenser in the corner (you have to pay 2 zloty to get it out), and we didn't have any change. So, this Polish guy who spoke NO English was trying to help us, but we couldn't figure out a word he was saying. He finally gave up and started laughing at us, then walked off. This might not seem embarrassing, but trust me, it was.
I love everyone, and I'm so glad that I have people who care enough about me to listen to my crazy stories and adventures over the next five weeks. I can tell that this is going to be the experience of a lifetime (if only our dorms were air conditioned). I'll write more soon, and I promise next time there will be pictures. If you can believe it, I haven't taken any yet...

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