04 July 2008

Oh, Miles of Walking

Dobry Wieczor,

I can officially say that I have NEVER walked as much in my entire life as I did today. I think the Pols are trying to prove once and for all that Americans are lazy. Well, they succeeded. Most people spent the entire day whining about all the walking, which did include lots of stairs, hills, and cobblestones. Despite the excessive walking and the fact that today at dinner was the first time in three days I've had one full meal (I guess those jean shorts that I brought will fit after all), Krakow is a beautiful city! I got some amazing pictures, and saw some beautiful churches.

We went to the school today where we will be studying, and found out that they've had some problems with the teacher who is supposed to be teaching our Jews in Poland class. So, they had to rearrange the schedule. They also told us that prices for our bus passes went up, so we thought we were going to have to walk an hour to school everyday, but thankfully they are working on this situation. You can definately tell that we are the guinea pig group for this trip.

We had our first Polish Culture and Language quiz today, but Dr. Wellford was so tired and fed up with all the walking, bus, and scheduling problems that he pretty much just gave us the answers. So, I suppose something good did come out of today.

Tomorrow is our first actual day of class, and we all (the students) decided that the best way to deal with everything was to make the trip back to Jagiellonian together. Getting there is easier said than done, so I imagine we'll be leaving an hour early for our 9:30 class. We're all a little stressed about it-- we have an eight page paper to write and TONS of reading. But, we're in a beautiful city, so I suppose I can take the trade off.

Here is the link to the website where I uploaded the first set of Poland photos. They're not great, but I haven't had time to really stand around and take many pictures. Too much walking!

Sorry this e-mail was so whiny. I think I speak for the entire group when I say that it was a very trying day. And despite all of my protests, being in Europe is WONDERFUL!!! Love you all!

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