19 August 2008

Slipping Through My Fingers...

Okay, so, yesterday was the first day of school, and it wasn't so bad. Kind of uneventful actually. I think I might actually enjoy this semester. I hope. I just have to kick some major German butt, and I know that I can do it!!! Horseback riding is going to rock, and my Historical Research Methods class is a joke-- a 12 page paper??? C'Mon!!!! haha I have Stat. later today, really later today at 3:30, so that means that every Tuesday and Thursday I have nothing to do. YAY! It would be nice if I could sleep in, but Fletch refuses to cooperate.

I'm on the way to buy Camp Rock now, and I'm so freaking excited! I hope I like it!!!!



Blogger Tori Marie said...

i love you demi. you are totally going to get all a's this semester. as am i. as am i!

August 19, 2008 at 9:53 PM  

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