07 August 2008

Hit the Lights

I think everyone should sneak into a movie at least once in their life. Tor and I went to see Sisterhood II today (which we paid for...) and we tried to go see Mamma Mia afterwards, but it wouldn't fit into our schedule. We saw Dark Knight instead, and it was SOOOOO good!

Batman is forreal my favorite super-hero... He rocks. And stupid Gotham; they just don't appreciate him. One day.

Today was seriously the best day ever. Tor and I had so much fun seeing movies and taking crazy pictures. It's good to be home.

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Blogger Tori Marie said...

sorry i have been slack on blogging. its harder without my own computer. but i will tomorrow!! i ppromise! i love you. i had an amazing day with you. i just wish we were still roomies.

ahh, sisterhood. what a beautiful friendship, just like ours!

August 12, 2008 at 8:47 PM  

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