17 July 2008



Last night a bunch of us went downstairs to the club in the Piast and did karaoke. It was crazy! I think I had forgotten how much fun it is to just be crazy sometimes.

Today Jeff Palis, the director of the study abroad program, met with us during our evening class and we discussed how the program has been so far and some of the problems and adventures we've had since arriving here. I don't think we've done anything productive in that class, but I'm all for a free one hour credit!!!

Right now I'm trying to quickly type this e-mail so that I can finish packing. We leave for Lviv, Ukraine tomorrow at 9:00am, and I think we're all a little nervous. They said the bus ride will take anywhere from 4 to 5 hours, and to bring plenty of snacks. The border to the Ukraine was just opened earlier this year, so thankfully we didn't have to get special visas to go in, but they're still holding on to some post-communist tendencies. We could be stuck at the border for up to 5 hours waiting on them to let us through. There is also the problem of not knowing any Ukranian or Russian, but I'm up for the adventure.

I won't be sending any e-mails until sometime Monday night. I just thought I would let everyone know ahead of time. I know that it'll be hard to go 3 days without my fabulous e-mails, but I'm sure y'all will survive. I plan on coming back with tons of new pictures and stories. Sleep well.

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