12 July 2008

Re- A Drop of Golden Sun


Today was the hottest day since we've been here! It was eighty-eight degrees, and walking around the city has never been so hard... Liz, Sarah, Grant and I spent the day trying to get to the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec which is a small mountain town about 15 minutes outside of Krakow'. Liz has a guidebook that is specifically for Krakow' and it told us that we would have to take a bus to get to Tyniec. So, we hopped on a tram and road all the way downtown where the guidebook told us the bus station was located. The book didn't actually give us any specifics-- it just said that the bus station was located behind the train station. Fabulous. We ended up on the other side of town and had to try and find someone to give us directions. Sarah attempted to ask an older man for directions, in Polish I might add, but he didn't understand what she was asking, so she just showed him the words in her phrase book and he pointed us in the right direction. haha

We had to trek all the way back to the train station, but we still couldn't figure out where we needed to go. So, Liz and I went inside one of the connected tourism kiosks and the guy gave us a map and told us which tram and bus we had to take to get there. (Now that we have our bus/tram passes we can go wherever we please, which is nice.) So, we took the tram and then couldn't figure out which bus stop we were supposed to wait at. We missed the first bus and sat at the stop for over an hour. Just when we had decided that it would probably be best to head back to town we met a family from Ireland who was trying to figure out how to get to Tyniec as well. We told them what bus they had to take and we figured out that in 15 minutes the next bus would be coming...

The mother and her two sons are here in Krakow' to sing for the monks, so we might go back to the Abbey tomorrow night to hear them. We did decide to go after all, and it was breathtaking! It's crazy how things work out. Just when we had decided to give up and go back home, God sent someone who was going to the exact same place as we were. It sure makes you appreciate the little things. We would have been so upset after spending out entire day trying to get to the Abbey only to have to give up and go back home.

Today Liz and I decided that we needed to do some laundry since our underwear supply was quickly dwindling. I took a few pictures, so go look, and have fun gloating. I know you will. It really wasn't that bad actually, except that now our underwear is crunchy from being line-dried. I won't tell you the alliteration that Liz and I made up to go along with it. haha

Well, that is all for tonight. I'll write more tomorrow. Love.

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