10 July 2008

Still Alive


So, yes, I am okay and still alive. I love how the fact that I didn't send an e-mail out yesterday had people wondering if I was okay. I do appreciate the thought, but I was exhausted yesterday so I fell asleep.

This weekend there is a class trip to Warsaw for people who paid extra and were interested. Some of us were trying to find train or plane tickets to other cities like Budapest or Vienna, but with the rise in gasoline it doesn't look like we'll be going anywhere. So, I'll get back to y'all on that....

Today we just did more random walking around. There is a theatre festival that started today in the middle of the old square and tons of people came to cook traditional Polish food and sell baskets, gingerbread, and goat cheese. It's pretty awesome. We had some amazing kebobs that were cooked over this huge open fire.

Last night a bunch of the guys stole a shopping cart from the grocery store that is right outside the Piast. They kept us up ALL night running down the hallway, and eventually they ran into a door and tore if off its hinges. Gees, no wonder everyone has a bad opinion of Americans. And don't even get me started on techo music... There is a karaoke bar downstairs and EVERY night they blast the techo music. That is one thing I will definitely not miss about Poland. And right now the crazy Germans down the hall are playing the bongo...

I decided that when I get back I should start walking more often. I guess I didn't realize how much of a workout it really is. Here everyone walks everywhere, or they take the tram. I really wish that public transportation was an option back home, because I would be all for it. I know that every day we walk for at least 8 hours, so I'm definitely getting my excercise in.

Tomorrow Dr. Powell (the GSU professor who is actually from Poland) is taking us to a local museum that is just about Krakow and to a local market that sells pastries, fruit, veggies, and homemade cheeses. I can't wait! Every day is something new and exciting, and I am really starting to learn my way around here.

I think another part of the reason I didn't write yesterday is because I was afraid of boring everyone. Even though not we don't go to places like Auschwitz every day, I still feel that life here, in general, is so exciting. So, I am going to go finish uploading my pictures. I hope everyone is enjoying them so far. And I cannot wait to see what tomorrow will bring. Much love.

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