07 July 2008

Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful


Today was such a nice, relaxing day after yesterday. We had our second class meeting of the trip. I don't think any of us realized what a privilege it is to be taught by the professor that we have. Dr. Galas is the foremost scholar on Jewish History in Europe. So, I'm looking forward to this class...

We finally got a chance to go eat at a Milk Bar, which is a traditional Polish restaurant that has nothing to do with actual milk. Dr. Powell took us and since she is actually Polish, the ordering went a lot smoother than it would have if we had attempted to order. Our Polish is still in need of some major practice! haha

I took the most pictures today that I have so far on the entire trip, so they'll pretty much explain the kind of day we had. Most of them are of churches-- which just happen to be my favorite part of traveling; they're always so beautiful. Each church is like a present, you never know what you will find inside. My favorite church has been the Dominican church. I took quite a few pictures of it the other day, but today a couple of the guys wanted to see it. They said we bragged about it so much that it couldn't possibly live up to the standards we had set-- they loved it! So, I took some more picture of things I couldn't get to the other day.

Three of us took a walk down to the old town because the weather was so beautiful tonight. Even at 9 o'clock there is still a golden sunset over the city. We got there and managed to get a few shots in before the sky broke loose. So, after one bus ride back to the closet bus stop and a mile walk back to the dorm I am now sitting here sopping wet on my bed. Nice visual, I know.

The weather hasn't been quite what we expected. It has rained quite a bit, which stinks since I forgot to pack an umbrella and keep forgetting to buy one. On the days that it rains the temperature is perfect! It's 70* with no humidity. But, most days it's just as hot as Statesboro minus the humidity. I guess I can't complain. We have a few perfect days, and those make up for all the rainy, boiling ones.

The pictures just finished uploading, so I guess I should start ending this e-mail. Sorry I haven't been writing captions on the pictures; I've been so tired when I sit down to do all of this every night that it's all I can do to upload pictures and write these e-mails. Love you all.

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