05 August 2008

Sehr Liebe

Guten Morgen!

This is forreal my last email... I had to pay for the internet again so Sarah and I could figure out what time the last train leaves. I think we're going to end up spending the night at the airport since it's 45 minutes away from the main part of Munich and we really don't want to miss our flight.

Any and all prayers would be appreciated. Hopefully I'll only have to pay for my luggage one more time, and hopefully everything I've bought over here will make it back in one piece. Not to mention that Lufthansa has a major strike going on right now, so let's all pray that our flight isn't one of the ones that is cancelled. We only have to make it back to Warsaw... Then to Chicago and the Atlanta. So tomorrow is going to be a very long and tiring day. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep most of the time. We should be back in the states by 1:30pm Central Time tomorrow. YAY! for time changes and what is sure to be some major jet lag.

I uploaded the last of the pictures that I took. See everyone soon! Ich Lieben Sie!!!


Aufwiedersehen, Mariah

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