24 July 2008

Home is Where the Heart Is


I know the emails have been short lately, but I've settled into a sort of rhythm here. And I have to say that I like it. The closer it gets to our leaving here the sadder I become just thinking about it. I've had such an amazing time here. I've made some amazing friends and I've had the opportunity to live in what is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. I know I'll never forget everything that has happened here, and I hope that maybe someday I can come back.

Everyday we get up, get ready, take the tram to the Teatre Bagatella stop, walk to the pastry shop, and go to class. And even though its the same thing everyday, there is something so incredibly amazing about waking up and realizing that you're halfway around the world in a city that has seen so many generations come and go. There are new sights and places to discover everyday, and even the most rundown building has played a part in a history that is bigger than us. What an amazing feeling!

And as crazy as this may sound, I'm really going to miss the public transportation system. I love driving, but it's nice to hop on a bus and go anywhere in the city you want. And it's so much cheaper than paying for gas. I hope that this is something that will become a bigger part of American culture. I know that many big cities have public transportation, but here even the rural areas have access to the bus system.

We watched a foreign film last night that was nominated for an Oscar this year. The film was made in Polish and it had to do with the mass murders commited by the KGB in a small Russian town called Katyn'. The film was incredibly moving-- of course it was related to the WWII period. But, all the places in the movie were places that we have actually been, so seeing them on the big screen in all their historical glory was nice.

So, I guess the point of this entire email was to attempt to say that I'm going to miss Krakow. At the beginning of a long trip like this it's always hard to adjust to being so far away from home; away from familiar sights, sounds, smells, and tastes... And I do miss everyone, but I'm so going to miss it here. After you're in a place for a while, you adjust and it isn't as hard as it was... It's going to be difficult coming back home now and reaclimating myself to driving... And to restaurants that don't post their menus outside (which is nice-- you can see how much their food costs and if they have anything you'll like)... And walking to the corner to pick up a tram... And going to class in a building that is 100s of years old.

But, I'll still be glad to come home and see my family, friends, and dogs. I love all of you, and I'm so glad that, in my own way, I was able to share my journey with you all. Much love. More tomorrow after our trip to the salt mines.

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Blogger Tori Marie said...


all i have to say is
stop loving poland
and keep missing me

i love you mrs fletch.
youre amazinggg.

July 25, 2008 at 12:06 PM  

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