07 December 2008

Hearts Bend, When they Can't Break...

SO, I've recently been inspired by all the lovely fashion blogs I've been reading. Paris, London, New York.
All these lovely ladies manage to look super-cute all the time and take fabulous pictures of their outfits every day.
Too bad I'm a poor college student, although, I don't suppose that's any excuse.

I'm going to try and look cute more often. Because life is too short not to. Ha! Words of inspiration.

I suppose that means it's time to break out the tripod.

AND, speaking of photos, the lovely Tori Ivey and I have a new venture that we are soon starting. So, stay tuned.

And here's some lovely linkage to feed your obsession with cool international fashion blogs. If you have one, that is. If you don't have an obsession, you should start one...
Le Blog de Betty
The Cherry Blossom Girl
The Unicorn Diaries
This is Glamorous


This weekend was the Southern Scholars Showcase here at Georgia Southern, and I was lucky enough to have been chosen as part of the interview committee for the International Studies Worrell Scholarship. What an honor! Especially since I was chosen out of all the International Studies majors.

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Blogger Tori Marie said...

your new blog is beautiful
you are precious best friendddddddd
i cant wait to see what you and tori have in store
do something with whatever you are doing over break so i can come do it with youguys.

omg you me and tori should have a photoshoot and what nottttt

ahh, i love you bestie
maybe i will fix my blurg soon

December 8, 2008 at 10:10 AM  

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