La Vita Bella

31 January 2008

Dear Da...

This may sound really cheesy, but I think writing is good for the soul. Whether it be blogging, writing in a journal, writing a letter, or even a story... What better way is there to connect with yourself and those around you than by sharing your experiences no matter how mundane they may be...
On a lighter note I decided to list some current favorites here: (favorite what you may ask... well, favorite everything!)
Movie: Once
Music: McFly and Matt Nathanson
Food: Zuppa Toscana (recipe here)
Clothing Item: Navy Converse
Word: Jesitz... (ie. Dane Cook)


30 January 2008


Grandma's birthday is this weekend; I haven't been home in three weeks, so it'll be nice. The roomie and I are having a blast as usual... We had a girls night last night and watched TV and attampted to study. Tonight we FINALLY get Sweeney Todd! Oh that Johnny Depp!
Classes are going well, so far I've done all my homework and even a little bit of studying; I'm gonna rock the socks off this semester. Yay Me!

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28 January 2008


I'm doing the best I can. I know that I can't change what happened or even make it go away, but they say laughter is the best medicine. So, I try to make you laugh, and that's all I can do. Saying "I'm Sorry" really doesn't make it any better; I know, I've been there. That's what I'm doing; I'm "being there", because that's what best friends do. So, be sad for a while, but promise you won't stay that way. God is good, and He holds everything in His hands. Just remember that.


27 January 2008


School is going to be, or rather I should say, is different this semester. I refuse to be a slacker and not do well. Besides, it's not that I don't enjoy school I think I just get so caught up in the rest of the "experience" that I forget that I'm here to study too.
To totally switch topics, I'm seriously considering joining the Peace Corps next year after I graduate college. I think it'd be a taxing but rewarding experience, and what better way is there to learn about another culture than to immerse yourself? In the meantime I've got lots or praying to do, and many other difficult decisions to make. These are supposed to be the years you'll never forget, but what everyone forgets to tell you is how complicated things can get.