21 August 2008

Born to Run

I miss Doug, and British nights, and McTherapy (of which I definitely need a healthy dose right now), and random Zaxbys trips, and movie nights, and days with crack in the air, and just having my best friend to hang out with 24/7.

And I HATE Statistics. I so don't want to go to class today; I wish I could just skip. But, I know better, and I refuse to be bad and skip (alot) this year.

And I hate myself for avoiding the situation... I do this everytime. What am I so afraid of??? I guess it's mostly because I know better. But still... Why does God feel the need to keep testing me on this subject. I'm sick of trying to prove myself.


Blogger Tori Marie said...


one week best fran! i cannot wait.
i miss statesboro actually
i wish we could have the best of both worlds

and i too hate class, and statistics sucks booty!!

ahahah but the new mcfly cover makes everything better my friend!

you know it!

August 22, 2008 at 6:29 PM  

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